10 Best Riding Lawn Mower Batteries [Reviews & Buying Guide]

For your lawn mower to perform optimally, you need the best riding lawn mower battery. A quality battery optimizes its functioning but also lowers the frequency of battery replacement.

This eventually saves you time, money, and effort.

Before anything else, you should know that a lawnmower battery and a lawn tractor battery can’t be used interchangeably.

That is, the tractor ones can be placed on a mower, but never the other way around.

Gardener changes rechargeable battery in riding lawn mower

Although buying a battery may seem like something we should leave to a mechanic, it’s not that difficult to do if you know the right information.

And, we’re here to provide them; below, check the 10 best options currently, as well as some extra tips to make the purchase and replacement even easier!

Top Pick

Sealed Battery for Troy-Bilt Bronco Riding 19 HP Riding Lawn Mower 1yr...

TCED’s Riding Lawn Mower Battery is our best pick because it offers quality construction, easy installation, and longevity.

Budget Pick

UPG UBCD5745 Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

UPG’s SLA Riding Lawn Mower Battery is budget-friendly, yet has a lot of advantages to offer, including AGM tech, stability, and optimized safety.

How Long Does A Riding Lawn Mower Battery Last?

No matter your proper maintenance, batteries can only last so long-their average span is around three to four years.

Of course, you can always prolong their duration with regular charging, cleaning, and ensuring the terminal connections are tight enough.

But, eventually, the time for refreshment will come.

How to Charge My Lawn Tractor Battery?

Any appliance that’s powered by a battery has to be charged occasionally in order to function smoothly.

When it comes to the battery in your riding lawn mower, it’s essential to charge it at the beginning of summer because it could’ve weakened over the winter if you hadn’t disconnected the cables before storing it away.

Use a crescent wrench or pliers, but avoid touching the terminals with bare hands or bridge between them with the tool to prevent damage and injury.

Do the charging in a ventilated area.

Check the battery’s voltage and use a suitable charger.

Connect the charger cables with the battery (red positive cable goes into the + symbol and the black negative cable goes into the – symbol.)

Then, plug the charger into the outlet.

Wait for 4 to 6 hours before it gets fully charged. Monitor the process. Unplug it once it’s full. Remove the black cable first and then the red one.

Hook the battery back into the tractor.

Which Factors to Consider While Buying?

To choose the best riding lawn battery for your machine, consider these features first:

  • The voltage

The ideal voltage for any type of lawn tractor is considered to be 12V. For heavier usage, you can opt for special batteries with 36V or 40V.

Those with an 80s model would do just fine with a 6V battery.

  • The capacity

This capacity is represented in the AH rating.

One good rule of thumb to take into account is that the higher the AH, the better its capacity.

If you don’t know how much power your riding lawn mower needs, you can consult the customer service of the seller.

  • The construction material

The quality of the battery also depends on its construction quality.

To ensure your battery has good performance and lasts long, buy one made of strong materials.

Namely, since this battery will go through a lot during its lifetime, including shocks, vibrations, and a lot of bumpy surfaces, it needs to be strong enough to last.

And, its construction also plays a role if you need to use it in cold weather.

When it’s inside a tough casing, its components are protected and the risk of spillage is brought to a minimum.

The casing should be made of metal plates or strong aluminum to withstand prolonged use.

Moreover, since batteries have a limited quantity of liquid acid, it’s essential to opt for the gel cell and absorbed glass (AGM) ones to prevent spillage when it turns over.

Although ones made with plastic are cheaper, they’re not as good as others made with stronger material.

  • The CCA rating

This rating (Cold Cranking Amp) is calculated by the number of amps that the battery delivers per 30 seconds at 0 degrees F.

The higher this rating is, the better the performance, even when the weather is colder. The optimal rating is 315.

  • The size

Batteries are available in several sizes. Based on size and voltage, they can be one of the four categories according to the Battery Council International.

When a battery is from the U1 group, its dimensions are usually 5.1 inches, 8.3 inches in length, and 7.25 inches in height. This group, based on the positive terminal position, can be of two types, that is, U1 and U1R.

The former has positive terminals on the left side and the latter has them on the right. Although it may seem simple, the length of the cables of the battery influences the fitting.

So, before you choose between a U1 or a UR1, check the terminal position of the old battery.

  • Compartment compatibility

Before you click the ‘order’ button, make sure you check to see if it will fit in the compartment of the tractor.

If a too-small battery is placed into a larger compartment, the compartment may overheat.

Consider the width and height-if they can’t be entirely compatible, make sure they fit as much as possible.

Forcing something into the compartment (a very large battery), may cause damage.

When to Change My Riding Lawn Mower Battery?

It would be awesome if we had batteries that could last for several years, right?-One thing’s for sure, when properly taken care of, things last.

And, when you take good care of your battery, you may help prolong its lifespan.

Battery-wise, make sure you clean the terminals, regularly apply protective grease, and store it where it’s dry.

However, regardless of how good your maintenance is, they will eventually reach their end or reduction in power.

If you notice some of the following signs, it may be high time to consider a new battery:

  • Slow start

Even when it’s colder outside, most batteries for lawn tractors are made to start fast.

If you need several tries before it does, it may be a signal of a weakened battery, but it may also be related to the ignition or fuel.

  • Charge loss

A strong battery will keep the charge for a long.

And, it won’t need to be recharged that often.

Therefore, if the battery has recently been requiring more charging or if it drains fast, it may be time for a replacement.

  • The case is cracked

Batteries come with quality cases that keep the electrolytes safe and are fixed tightly to prevent spilling.

If you notice leaks, check out for any cracks or looser joints. If you don’t replace the battery, the spillage may end up eating the metal and cause corrosion.

  • It’s worn out

If you inspect the battery, one or two looks are enough to see if it’s been through a lot or not.

If it’s worn off, it will have thinner terminals, an old-looking case, and it will perform averagely.

  • The battery has passed its warranty

Most batteries have a 3-year warranty, but yours is still in the tractor?

This is a sign to do something-don’t wait for the problems to start arising, but replace it with a new one ASAP.

How to Change the Riding Lawn Mower Battery?

If it’s time for setting up a new battery in your riding lawn mower, make sure you do it the right way.

Follow these steps and you’re good to go:

  • Safety first

Wear gloves and protective eyewear.

  • Prep the mower

Do the replacement on a flat surface, well-lit area, and make sure it’s turned off.

  • Locate the old battery

Lift the seat or hood of the tractor; you’ll find the battery in one of these two places. Use the appropriate wrench to loosen it.

  • Take out the cables

Begin with the negative black cable; loosen it and slide it up and off the terminal. Put it aside and repeat with the red.

  • Put away the old battery

Lift the old battery carefully and put it away.

  • Clean the connectors

Use a baking soda and water solution to clean the connectors using a metal-bristled brush. This will help you eliminate rust and acidic buildup.

  • Set up the new battery

Now, do everything you did before, but in reverse. Connect the positive red cable first and then the negative black. Then, reattach any remaining straps.

  • Test it

The mower should start right away. If it doesn’t, there may be another problem with the machine.

  • Properly dispose of the old battery

Avoid throwing the battery into the trash-it’s illegal! This battery is full of corrosive materials; it’s best to take it to a recycling plant or an auto center.

Is A Car Battery Suitable For A Riding Lawn Mower?

Both car and lawn tractor batteries work at 12V. And, many people use batteries for cars in their riding lawn mowers.

If you also want to do this, ensure the size is optimal and compatible.

However, the safest route is always using batteries designed for riding tractors.

How to Store the Battery In Winter?

When the weather is extreme, it can affect the battery’s longevity and reliability.

Therefore, avoid storing it in cold temperatures because it can get damaged. The best option is to keep it in a cool and dry area.

Remove the battery from the mower and put it into a trickle charger for an hour or two weeks until the mowing season arrives. 

Best Riding Lawn Mower Battery

1. TCED’s Sealed Battery for Troy-Bilt Bronco Riding Mower

Product Information

Package Dimensions7.62 x 5.12 x 6.56 inches
Item Weight14.56 pounds
Voltage12.0 volts

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to install
  • Packed well
  • Doesn’t spill
  • Lightweight

This 12V sealed AGM battery comes with a flag terminal and a weight of 15 lbs. It’s properly sealed and without a need to be maintained. It won’t spill or cause other problems.

It’s encased in strong and durable plastic and it will last, both chemically and physically, for a long period of time.

This battery will replace all standard U1 batteries for lawn mowers and tractors.

The construction design has been enhanced with a safety valve to prevent the explosion. Safe, functional, and lightweight, it’s worth investing in if you regularly use your riding mower.

Customers who bought it praised it the most for being easy to install and for longevity.

2. UPG’s Battery for John Deere Riding Mowers

Product Information

Package Dimensions7.76 x 5.16 x 6.14 inches
Item Weight23 pounds
Voltage12 Volts

Highlighted Features

  • Good value for money
  • Thick design
  • Easy to install
  • Maintenance-free

This rechargeable 12V battery can be easily mounted in any position on your John Deer riding mower. It’s potent enough to resist shocks and vibrations and it won’t spill.

Maintenance-free SLA/AGM battery, it’s lightweight, with 22.50 lbs. You can therefore easily move it around plus there’s a handle, making things even easier.

It has a CCA of 315.

With a battery maintainer in the winter period, this battery may last more than three years. Moreover, it’s encased in a strong case, making it long-lasting and safe.

Customers who purchased this battery gave the most kudos for its thickness, easy setup, and good value for money.

3. Deep Cycle Replacement Battery for Riding Lawn Mower

Product Information

Package Dimensions7.68 x 5.12 x 6.46 inches
Item Weight21.7 pounds
Voltage12 Volts
ManufacturerChrome Battery

Highlighted Features

  • Rechargeable up to 2000 times
  • Sealed & mountable in any position
  • Charged & ready to use right away
  • Durability
  • Tested

This 12V AGM SLA battery is great for replacing chrome batteries on Husqvarna riding lawn mowers. It can be mounted in any position!

The SLA battery is stored in a strong casing that protects it and also keeps you safe.

Charged, sealed, and easy to install, it’s a great choice for those looking to replace their worn-off battery or looking for a stronger battery.

It has a T3 terminal that is rechargeable and its fit is quite versatile; besides lawn mowers, you can also use it in mobile scooters and alarm systems.

The absorbed glass mat tech ensures no spills and easy low, maintenance. Last but not least, it comes with a 30-day refund window and an 18-month warranty, which is great!

4. Mighty Max SLA Battery for Riding Lawn Mower

Product Information

Package Dimensions8.74 x 7.8 x 5.91 inches
Item Weight15.58 pounds
Voltage12 Volts
ManufacturerMighty Max Battery

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to set up
  • Optimized safety
  • Can be mounted in any way
  • Long-lasting

This 12V ML-U1-CCA-HR battery offers you the chance to power up your lawn mower optimally. The SLA battery has 320 CCC and it has been AGM-constructed for optimal durability.

You can install it in several positions, but avoid doing it upside down! With recharging, it can last up to 5 years. After it’s worn off, always dispose of it the right way.

The company uses only the finest materials for the production of its batteries and always ensures maximum safety.

In fact, their AGM batteries have electrolytes suspended between fiberglass mats that keep their elements safe.

Encased in sturdy material, it’s a battery you can trust. The customers who bought it gave it the most praise for being easy to install, offering great value for money, and its longevity!

5. Greenwork G-Max 40V Li-Ion Battery for Lawn Mower

Product Information

Package Dimensions6.2 x 3.2 x 3.4 inches
Item Weight2.97 pounds
Voltage40 Volts
ManufacturerSunrise Global Marketing, LLC

Highlighted Features

  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy to set up
  • Innovative design
  • High performance (40V)
  • Lightweight

If you’re looking for a high-performance 40V lithium-ion battery, this is a perfect choice. You can recharge it fast and have it full-power ready in 120 minutes. It’s compatible only with the G-MAX 40V tools and a 29482 charger.

This innovative design battery provides efficiency and high performance and it will help you charge your lawn tools perfectly.

It has a simple snap-on/off design and a charging level indicator. Since lithium-ion batteries are free of negative memory effects, they will always be at their peak power, even after they’ve been charged multiple times.

Lightweight, eco-friendly, and with a low discharge rate, it’s the perfect battery for your riding lawn mower to function optimally! Customers who bought it liked it the most for being easy to remove and use and its longevity.

6. Casil Cub Cadet Riding Lawn Mower Battery

Product Information

Package Dimensions7.68 x 5.16 x 7.13 inches
Item Weight23.5 pounds
Voltage12 Volts
ManufacturerChee Yuen Co., Ltd

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to install
  • 1-year warranty
  • AGM construction
  • Long-lasting

This 12V SLA rechargeable battery has a lot of beneficial features to offer.  It weighs 23.5 pounds and comes with a high discharge rate, longevity, and wide operating temperatures.

You can mount it in any position because it’s well-encased and designed to resist vibrations and shock.

Moreover, with this product, you can shop worry-free because it comes with a 1-year warranty. Made with the absorbed glass mat tech, it’s a maintenance-free operation battery.

It’s potent and long-lasting, with high capacity. Customers who purchased this battery found it the best for being easy to install, offering good value for money, and providing longevity.

7. Mighty Max Battery for Craftsman 25780 Lawn Mower

Product Information

Package Dimensions7.75 in x 5.11 in x 6.25 in 
Item Weight14.00 pounds
Voltage12 Volts
ManufacturerMighty Max Battery

Highlighted Features

  • Rechargeable
  • Shock-resistant design
  • Made with purest virgin lead
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to set up

This amazing rechargeable battery will help you restore the mower’s glory! Featuring a shock- and vibration-resistant design, it can be mounted in any position.

The manufacturers used the highest quality pure virgin lead for this battery to ensure maximum power, durability, and quick start-up.

Moreover, thanks to its longevity and high performance, no matter the temperature, it offers great results.

12V and 320 CC, this SLA battery is spill-proof and high discharge rate and possesses the ability to perform in various temperatures.

What’s more, the 1-year warranty helps you shop without worrying whether it will work or not.

Those who bought this battery said it offered easy installation, longevity, and good value for the money.

8. Casil’s SLA AGM Riding Lawn Mower Battery

Product Information

Package Dimensions7.68 x 5.16 x 7.13 inches
Item Weight23.5 pounds
Voltage12 Volts
ManufacturerChee Yuen Co., Ltd

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to set up
  • Rechargeable
  • Strong casing
  • Long-lasting

This battery is the perfect choice for Craftsman, John Deere, Husqvarna, Troy-Bilt, Huskee, and Cub Cadet mowers.

Featuring 12 V, this SLA and AGM maintenance-free battery has high rates of discharge and wide operating temperatures. It’s rechargeable and easy to install in any position.

Thanks to its innovative design and strong casing, the battery resists vibration and shock.

Whether the temperatures are high or low, this battery will perform optimally and optimize the mower’s functioning.

Its lifespan is prolonged thanks to the fiberglass mat separators and the high cell compression. Made of premium materials and tested to optimize safety, this battery is worth considering.

Customers praised it the most for being easy to install, offering good value for money, and its longevity.

9. UPG’s SLA Battery for Riding Mower

Product Information

Package Dimensions7 x 6.5 x 3 inches
Item Weight11.52 pounds
Voltage12 Volts
ManufacturerUniversal Power Group

Highlighted Features

  • AGM tech
  • Maintenance-free
  • Leakage-proof
  • Strong construction

This 12V SLA battery has been made with AGM technology (absorbed glass mat) and it’s awesome for your riding lawn mower (John Deere), but also other motorcycles, wheelchairs, and ATVs.

Made spill- and leak-proof, it offers a lifespan of four years.

It’s rechargeable and you can prolong its longevity by keeping it fully charged and never leaving it to fully discharge.

With a weight of 12 lbs, you can easily mount and install it.

Secure and stable, this versatile and very safe battery is great for John Deere but also works with many other battery mounting systems.

10. Power Star’s Battery for Toro Riding Lawn Mowers

Product Information

Package Dimensions7.2 x 4.96 x 4.57 inches
Item Weight4 Pounds
Voltage12 volts
ManufacturerBatteryJack Inc

Highlighted Features

  • Good value for money
  • Long-lasting
  • Secured optimally
  • Easy to install
  • Maintenance-free

Specially designed to fit the Toro lawn tractors, this battery boasts high performance and a longer lifespan.

Being a maintenance-free battery, it will ease your life and save you time and effort. It also prevents damage from overcharging and lowers the need for monitoring during the charging process.

This SLA/AGM battery is properly sealed to ensure there are no leaks and spills. Vibration, shock, over-discharge, over-charge-this battery can withstand it all!

The longevity and performance are ensured through the gas recombination functions.

Efficient, easy to mount, and potent, it’s a great option if you need to restore your Toro tractor to its previous glory!

Final Thoughts

If we take into account that the average lawn mower battery durability is three to four years, it’s essential to replace it with a new, quality one when the time comes.

In this way, we can keep using your riding mower optimally, without any struggle whatsoever, and keep up with our gardening tasks.

Before you decide on the best riding lawn mower battery for your tractor, it’s essential to consider the most important features we talked about.

By doing this, you’ll know what the machine needs!

You will find our best pick amazing if you’re in search of a durable and long-lasting battery; the budget pick is awesome for those looking to spend less, but get a battery that won’t disappoint!

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