The Best Weed Eater Strings for Thick Grass in Lawn & Garden

Say goodbye to feeling frustrated when working in your yard by investing in the best weed eater string. When you choose the right cutting string for your weed eater, you’ll enjoy gardening to the maximum.

Poor-quality strings tend to break or stick inside the housing and you end up stopping and reloading all the time, rather than focusing on making the perfect cuts.

On the other hand, when you use the right string, you’ll have even and smooth cuts without having to reload the spool constantly.

The best string guarantees longevity and there’s no need for replacement for a long time. And, even when the time for replacement comes, it will be fast and easy!

Gasoline grass trimmer professional gardening tool on mown grass

Thanks to this guide, you’ll learn how to find the most quality weed eater string for your trimmer and have worry-free gardening.

Top Pick

A ANLEOLIFE 5-Pound Commercial Square .095-Inch-by-1280-ft String...

Anleo Life’s .095-inch, 5-pound Trimmer String is our best pick because of its premium quality and thickness that’s suitable with a long list of trimmer brands. It also offers amazing value for money and it’s easy to use.

Budget Pick

Oregon 21-380 Gatorline 1-Pound Round String Trimmer Line, .080-inches...

Without having to spend too much, you can get the Oregon 1-pound .080-inch Trimmer String which boasts high customer satisfaction and some pretty amazing features such as sturdy materials, improved impact resistance, and superior cutting capacity.

Why Do I Need a Weed Eater String?

If you want to keep your lawns neat and clean, a string trimmer is an awesome pick.

You can use it to mow hard-to-access spots, cut thick grass, and weeds that a mower can’t (sidewalks, trees, fences, flower beds, etc.), clear thick brushes, and make perfect edge lines for an amazing-looking garden.

In a way, a trimmer is a finishing tool that will deal with the areas which you missed with a mower.

String trimmers can be powered by batteries, electricity, or gas using a whirling line (string) instead of a blade. This string protrudes from a rotating wheel at the end of the shaft that’s topped by the motor.

The line has to swirl fast enough to become rigid enough. This rigidness can cut weeds, plants, and grass.

Which Factors to Consider Before Buying?

In order to find a suitable string for your trimmer, you need to check the manual or the website of the manufacturer to learn the recommended sizes.

When you learn this info, make sure you also consider the other 5 pivotal features, i.e. durability, material, shape, line size, and resistance to weld.

Let’s learn a bit more about each and why they’re important!


Durability can be seen when the string is used with heavy weeds and harder surfaces. When the string is made more durable, you can finish more per spool.

The durability of a string for trimmers depends on the materials it’s constructed of, as well as its shape, the material you’re trimming, and the friction against the surface, i.e. concrete, stone, etc.

Given it has the same material and shape, the thicker the string is, the longer its durability will be.

To be sure you’re making a good choice; you can never go wrong with a round string. This one has more material and less surface area which prolongs its wear time.

For example, a round string with a reinforced non-nylon polymer or nylon or with a hardened core material is more durable than basic nylon.


The basic strings for trimmers are usually made using hardened monofilament nylon.

This has been long the standard in the industry; however, there are always efforts being made to better the durability. Although plain nylon lines are still used and are effective, much stronger materials are also available.

They’re better in terms of their efficiency and will help you increase the cutting power. For example, reinforced composite nylon-its resistance to breakage is very high.

You can also find strings with added materials for strength like aluminum or non-nylon polymers.


Generally speaking, there are three different trimmer string shapes, i.e. round, twisted, and multi-sided. The shape also influences the performance of the string, including how clean the cut will be, how long the string will last, and the level of noise produced.

Considering all of these important aspects, it’s essential to match the shape with the conditions you’ll be using it with.

  • Round

These strings are available in all sizes.

They’re praised for their durability, economy, and ease of reloading. It’s the best option for lawns that are mostly grass and only a couple of weeds here and there.

Avoid them for properties high in weeds as the smoother edges can tear through them instead of cutting them cleanly.

This string also tends to overheat and weld together when you’re cutting near fences or concrete.

  • Twisted

This type of string offers a cleaner cut than that of round ones when the weeds are thicker. And, it’s stronger around harder surfaces.

It has reduced air resistance which helps it work with lower noise and vibrations than other shapes of strings.

  • Multisided

If you plan on using the trimmer with heavy weeds and thick grass, choose a multisided string. Its sharp edges easily cut through weeds and help you achieve a cleaner look.

However, it tends to break easier than the round ones if you overuse it around hard surfaces, so it’s not the most suitable option for locations with a lot of obstacles around.

Line Size

You can find out more about the durability of the string through its line diameter. A thicker line usually lasts longer, but it’s also costlier.

This is why you need to consider the conditions in which you’ll be cutting, the number of times you want to reload, and the money you’ll spend on the line thickness.

And, don’t forget-not all sizes are suitable for all trimmers, so read the directions of the manufacturer first.

For illustration, a light-duty trimmer string of .065 to .085-inch diameter can be used with small and medium gardens with only a few weeds.

Those between .085 and .11-inch diameter would be more suitable for larger areas where the grass and weeds are also thicker.

If there are also a lot of fences, edges, and woody plants, opt for the heavy-duty ones (higher than a .110-inch diameter).

Resistance to Weld

Welding happens when the string overheats and sticks to the spool. This is a result of high-speed operation while cutting along some surfaces like a concrete wall or a fence for a longer period.

This friction leads to heat collection that further makes the string softer and then sticky with each other. And, it won’t feed out of the spool so we have to manually remove it and restring the spool.

Of course, most materials used to make these strings are made weld-resistant to a certain extent, some higher, others lower.

Round strings have the least surface and thus, heat builds up faster than in other shapes.

How to Use a String Trimmer?

  • Put on PPE

Protecting your eyes while working with a trimmer is pivotal since even a tiny piece of debris traveling at 200; or 300 mph can severely injure your eyes.

  • Avoid shorts and sandals

Did you know that even the broken-off pieces of the trimmer line can cut skin? Therefore, avoid wearing shorts and sandals and exposing your skin.

And, when you’re cutting, angle the trimmer so that the cut stuff goes away from you, not into you.

  • Don’t forget the cables

Make sure you’re not hitting the cable if you’re using an electric trimmer.

Although the line won’t cut the cord, it may damage the insulation, causing further problems.

  • Avoid having bystanders

Debris may easily reach a person who’s near you.

Make sure everyone is at a safe distance before you proceed.

  • Properly start it

Although you should follow the instructions because each trimmer works differently, generally speaking, it’s based on the method with 2-stroke engines.

Turn on the ignition switch and then the choke.

Prime its engine by pushing the primer button around 8 times. Pull the cord repeatedly until the engine starts working. Leave it to run for around 10 seconds before you turn off the choke.

  • Cut with the bare tip

When you’re cutting grass or weed, do it with the bare tip of the line as this is the part that moves at the highest speed.

  • Care for the line

Always avoid slapping the line into the grass, but rather ease it into the vegetation. Otherwise, the trimmer will lose momentum and the cuts won’t be optimal.

When should I Replace it?

If the string has broken down while trimming around a hard surface or if you’re not cutting properly, it’s best to replace it.

Never guess the size or type, but check the manufacturer’s website or consult the customer service department.

Do it only when the engine is turned off and cooled down.

You remove the cap from the head, depending on the mechanism. Now, you find the starter hole in the spool and insert the tip of the string and wind it into the arrows’ direction.

You wrap it in straight and neat rows. If there’s a surplus string remaining, you can cut it. Then you reattach the cap back on.

How to Clean My String Trimmer?

No matter the type of trimmer (electric, battery-powered, etc.), it’s always important to remove grass and debris after use with cloth or gloves.

On the gas ones, ensure the gas level is always optimal, and don’t forget to recharge the batteries on battery-powered models.

Best Weed Eater Strings on Amazon

1. Anleo Life 5-Pound Trimmer String

Highlighted Features

  • Good thickness
  • Made of strong materials
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a bonus
  • Long length

This 5-pound trimmer string will help you tackle the heaviest weeds and the thickest of grasses with minimum effort.

Constructed using strong nylon 66-copolymer, it’s suitable for all gas and electric trimmers. It also has additional plasticized materials to increase its power and strength.

Before use, remember to sink the spool in a container with water and leave it for 24 hours before you use it.

Thanks to its robustness and long length, you will have tidy weed cutting and grass removal every time.

We definitely love the included bonus-a practical string cutter!

2. Oregon 1 Pound Trimmer String

Highlighted Features

  • Perfect for smaller tasks
  • Made of strong nylon co-polymer
  • Strengthened for additional longevity
  • User-friendly container
  • Long-lasting

This impact-resistant green trimmer string is made using a Nylon copolymer that’s been strengthened with additives to prolong its longevity and prevent breakage.

It’s a round string that’s much more durable than the square ones. The .080 diameter is perfect for smaller jobs around the yard like trimmer lighter weeds and arranging bushes.

The line is rolled around a donut-shaped and user-friendly container that enables easy storing and less tangling. It will work amazingly with the most popular string trimmer models.

The customers who bought it loved it the most for its thickness, offering good value for money, and longevity.

3. Worx 6-Pack Replacement String for Electric Trimmers

Highlighted Features

  • Good value for money
  • Durable
  • Suitable with Worx trimmers
  • Easy to install
  • Made with premium technology

This pack of 6 replacement strings (60 feet in total) is an awesome investment for those who regularly use a weed trimmer.

Thanks to the DoubleHelix cutting string, the aerodynamic effect is one-of-a-kind; the drag is reduced and the edge is sharper. Thus, it enables optimal trimming and edging throughout your garden.

Each spool comes with 10 feet of string and it’s easy to install. You just need a couple of seconds.

Without a doubt, Worx’s products are made using cutting-edge tech and modern efficiency standards, ensuring cost-effective investment.

The special diameter of 0.065 inches is designed for Worx trimmers.

4. DeWALT 225 Feet String for Trimmers

Highlighted Features

  • Made of durable materials
  • Easy to use
  • Optimal longevity
  • Packed neatly
  • Generous length

Constructed of flexible and impact-resistant materials, this weed trimmer string is an awesome choice for your weed trimmers.

The string is packed properly to ensure an easy and effortless setup.

It also boasts an aerodynamic design, i.e. it lowers the drag and helps you work faster and finish bigger areas within a shorter period of time.

If you decide to buy it, you get a product that lasts and offers good value for the money you’ll pay. Plus, since it’s quite a big length, you’ll definitely have a backup string at all times.

5. Fepito .065 String Trimmer

Highlighted Features

  • Good value for money
  • Made of strong materials
  • Durable
  • Neatly packed
  • Easy to use

This .065 inches diameter blue trimmer string is made using sturdy nylon, ensuring longevity and optimal efficiency.

You get a generous 328 feet length which will provide you with sufficient string for a long time.

And, we love that its universal-you can use it with most electric and gas trimmers looking for the .065-inch diameter.

Neatly packed by being wrapped with plastic pull straps, it’s easy to install and use.

By investing in this string, you’ll have a large length that will last for a long period of time. The customers who purchased it gave the most kudos for offering good value for money, great durability, and longevity.

6. Grass Gator Zip Trimmer String

Highlighted Features

  • Packed neatly
  • Suitable with most trimmer brands
  • Made of strong copolymer
  • Can be used with gas & electric trimmers
  • Cuts smoothly & fast

This .095-inch diameter string for trimmers is an awesome pick.

It’s made of strong materials and it will last for a long time. It’s constructed using a premium copolymer for maximum longevity and cutting edge.

It’s suitable for most gas and electric trimmers and you’ll be amazed by its extreme toughness. The aerodynamic design ensures the cutting is smooth and fast.

Thanks to the improved momentum, the impact is higher and consequently, the line mass. Being packed neatly, setting it up is easy.

The customers who bought it gave it the most praise for its warmth, durability, and longevity.

7. Maxpower 855 Foot Trimmer String

Highlighted Features

  • Very generous length
  • Premium quality
  • Easy to set
  • Suitable with most trimmer brands

This amazing pack offers a stunning length of 855 feet of string for your trimmers. The .095-inch diameter is suitable for most brands of trimmers.

Rounded neatly on a spool, it’s easy to set up on the trimmer.  Approximately, this spool offers around 42 refills.

Made in the US with sturdy and long-lasting materials, it’s a perfect option for those who want optimal quality and an economical product.

Thanks to the premium quality, the string won’t go brittle after only a couple of uses and it will last long. And, customers loved it the most for offering premium durability, extra length for 40+ replacements, and nice packaging.

8. Weed Warrior .065 Trimmer String

Highlighted Features

  • Premium quality
  • High longevity
  • Suitable with all kinds of trimmers
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Great package

This medium size 100-inch long trimmer string offers premium quality and durability. It’s a bi-component string made of the best nylon resins and engineered to ensure longevity.

Made to be heavy-duty, it cuts right away and is suitable for your weed trimmers when you’re trimming grass or edging it. It’s the perfect backup string for your regular yard maintenance.

We appreciate the twisted design that optimizes the aerodynamics and thus, minimizes the line flutter and increases the efficiency by lowering the vibrations and helping you cut more efficiently.

It’s compatible with all kinds of string trimmer brands. Customers who bought it praised it for its packaging, good value for money, and durability.

9. Cyclone .095-inch 140F Trimmer String

Highlighted Features

  • Made with a special formula
  • Generous length of 140 feet
  • Suitable with most trimmers
  • Packed neatly

Without having to spend a small fortune, this generous pack of 140 feet of strong string for weed trimmers will help you furnish the garden with ease.

Made of special copolymer formula, it’s long-lasting, strong, and sharp. Moreover, for extra cutting power, the manufacturer added a patented 6-bladed shape.

It can be used with a long list of trimmers that ask for a .095-inch string. Packed neatly and easy to set, it’s definitely a worthy investment.

The customers were the most satisfied with the value for money that the string offers, as well as its durability and longevity.

10. Husqvarna Titanium Force Trimmer String

Highlighted Features

  • Reduced noise
  • Faster acceleration
  • Awesome cutting-edge tech
  • Longevity
  • Suitable with most trimmers

A product made in the US, this trimmer string constructed with co-polymer provides longevity, enhanced performance, and faster acceleration.

Manufactured on the basis of cutting-edge tech, its longevity and durability are without question. Thanks to the company’s patent for reduced noise, it will lower the noise while you’re working by an amazing 50 percent.

The manufacturer recommends it the most for usage with grass.

As it’s made to be efficient, you’ll work less, yet finish everything perfectly.

You can use it with most types of weed trimmers. As a gift for all its customers, the manufacturer gives a bonus with this product, i.e. a line cutter.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, the strings we put in our weed trimmers can significantly influence our yard work. And, the wrong string is a real nightmare.

It will keep on breaking or sticking inside the spool and you’ll have to stop and reload all the time. You’ll end up with unattractive grass cuts and incomplete weed removal.

On the other hand, when you use the best weed eater string, trimming will be effortless, safe, and clean.

If you’re not looking to spend too much, yet want a quality string that will last, our budget pick is wonderful. Our best pick is amazing for those that don’t want anything but the premium.

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