How to Fill a Gas Can for Lawn Mower Safely?

When you learn how to fill a gas can for a lawnmower or other machines that run on gas (boats, motorcycles, etc.), your life will be so much easier and safer!

You can fill a gas can (also known as a jerry can) at the nearest gas station, but you need to be very aware of the safety measures and the right way to do it.

It’s pivotal to keep these cans away from heat sources and always store them where they’ll be out of reach for both children and pets!

Why do I need a gas can in my garden?-Believe us, for a lot of reasons, particularly if you do regular garden work.

A full gas can is a must for lawnmowers powered by gas-in this way, your garden maintenance will never stop because you ran out of gas.

Man filling gas can for lawn mower

And, let’s learn how to fill it up properly, as well as some other useful tips!

Why Do I Need a Gas Can in My Garden?

Thanks to gas can, you’ll never run out of fuel. Plus, it’s one of the safest ways to store flammables like gasoline and diesel farther from your home, including children and pets.

It’s important to note that you can’t and you never should keep fuel in any type of container! Specialized gas cans are the only ones designed to hold fuel properly. They may also have additional features for safety in case of fire hazards.

An approved gas can comes with a label or words on it informing you that it meets the specifications for holding petroleum products.

Avoid unapproved cans and never fill them more than 95 percent so that there’s space for expansion.

Some gas can brands may also have extras like a nozzle for pouring that will ease the filling up of your lawnmower or motorbike and decrease the risk of spillage and contamination.

What Is the Best Place to Store My Gas Cans?

Before you learn how to fill a gas can for a lawnmower, you need to know the basics like proper storage.

Since poor-quality gas cans have a higher risk of explosion and damage, especially when left for too long in the sun, it’s pivotal to store them properly.

Never leave them around your yard where there’s no shade or inside your home or car.

And, when purchasing a gas can, ensure it comes with safety features like flame arrestors or an extra wire mesh that protects from sun exposure.

Below, check out some tips to improve your gas can storage:

  • 50 feet away from lights and ignition
  • On the floor, but away from reach of kids and pets
  • In a shed or a garage, never in the area directly exposed to sunlight
  • Put it on concrete, but also have a piece of plywood under the can

What Kind of Material Is the Best for a Gas Can?

A gas can is generally plastic or metal. Both of these materials have their pros and cons. On one hand, the plastic ones are lightweight and cheaper and are a great choice for those on a limited budget.

On the other hand, metal cans are stronger but are also more expensive. Plus, they tend to be heavier than the plastic ones and their capacity is smaller.

How to Fill a Gas Can for a Lawnmower?

If you need to fill your gas can at the gas station, here’s how to do it safely:

  • Put it on the ground

Take into account that gas often carries a static electric charge. By putting it on the ground before filling it up, any charge will disperse.

If you fill it up on a plastic surface, sparks and ignition are possible!

  • Direct the gas pump into the can

Take out the cap and open the vent at the top. Put the cap next to the can on the ground. Take the pump and put its nozzle into the can’s inside.

Fill up the can with gasoline, but remember, never do it 100 percent, but rather 95. This is to ensure safety in case of volume changes that may happen in varying temperatures.

  • Take the pump out & close the can

Once it’s full, pull out the pump and close the vent and the cap well.

How to Transport a Full Gas Can Safely?

Once your gas can is full, it’s time to take it home. Clean it before transport to ensure it’s gasoline-free on the outside.

Avoid putting it in the passenger seats -the gasoline fumes may make the driver and passengers feel unwell and increase the risk of accidents!

The best options are to place it outside of the car or van. For example, on the rack of the roof.

You put it upright and turn it so that the release calve is facing towards the rear of the car.

It’s also recommended to fasten it with cables so that it’s steady during the drive. But, if you don’t have this option, you can put it in the trunk.

Make sure the drive is as short as possible, without any additional stops. This is because gasoline, as it becomes warmer, expands and may release vapors to minimize the pressure in the can.

This will elevate the chance of gasoline ignition if the can come in contact with an electric or a static source.

Final Thoughts

Having a gas can in your yard be very beneficial, particularly if you do garden work regularly or if you have boats and motorbikes.

With a gas can properly stored in your garage or shed, you won’t need to stop your garden work in the middle just because you’ve run out of fuel.

But, in order to work with it, you need to know how to fill a gas can for a lawnmower safely, reducing the risk of hazards.

With proper transportation and purchasing only specialized gas cans, you’ll never have to leave your chores for another day!

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