The Best Fertilizer for Tomatoes to Grow Juicy Produce

Regardless of whether you’re an expert or new to gardening, it’s important to remember that soil nourishment is essential when it comes to growing healthy tomatoes.

The finest fertilizers for tomatoes have to contain basic nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium alongside magnesium, calcium, zinc, and boron.

With the proper guidance and fertilizer, you’ll have amazing harvests year by year.

Have in mind that there’s no perfect fertilizer that works best year-round and this is especially important for tomatoes since they require different care during different seasons.

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Below, we present you the best fertilizer for tomatoes that are sold on Amazon and will help you create a luscious tomato garden.

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Top Pick

Tomato Fertilizer 4-18-38 Powder 100% Water Soluble Plus Micro...

The fertilizer powder by Greenway Biotech is our top pick product.

It’s a 100% water-soluble substance that provides up to 1000 gallons of fertilizer.

Moreover, the fertilizer’s NPK ratio is 4-18-38 plus it contains boron, copper EDTA, iron EDTA, manganese EDTA, zinc EDTA and molybdenum.

Also, the professionally mixed formula contains all quality ingredients with no heavy metals or other harmful materials.

You can be certain to get a top-notch product at a reasonable price.

Budget Pick

Jobe’s Organics Garden Fertilizer Spikes, Easy Plant Care Fertilizer...

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, Jobe’s 50 organic spikes won’t disappoint you and they’re specially formulated for optimum tomato growth.

Jobe’s proprietary Biozome improves soil conditions, helps resist diseases and insects as well as drought during the growing season.

This is an eco-friendly product that promotes root growth and doesn’t contain any synthetic chemicals.

Which Nutrients Are Essential for Tomato Growth?

As with other plants, tomatoes require the 3 basic nutrients for healthy plant growth, so when buying a fertilizer always check the NPK ratio.

  • Phosphorous encourages root and fruit growth and development. It has to be present in both the growing and the final phase.
  • Nitrogen is important for foliage, but you have to be careful when applying since too much of it might cause bushy plants with low fruit yield.
  • Potassium can help the plant grow fast and produce fruit and flowers. Plus, it’s important in the process of photosynthesis and disease resistance.

What’s the Best NPK Ratio for Tomatoes?

Firstly, the type of fertilizer you’re going to use depends on your soil and to get this right you’ll need to test your soil.

For example, if the soil is properly balanced or high in nitrogen you need to use a fertilizer with a lower level of nitrogen, but higher in phosphorus such as a 5-10-5 or 5-10-10 mixed fertilizer.

On the other hand, if there’s a lack of nitrogen, you might want to try a balanced fertilizer with 8-8-8 or 10-10-10 NPK ratio.

If you can’t test your soil, but never had problems with it we’d recommend using a higher phosphorus tomato plant fertilizer.

When to Use Fertilizer?

Tomato seeds can germinate on their own because the seed contains enough nutrients to put up the first real leaves, so in the initial phase, your plants don’t require the help of the fertilizer.

Once the seeds have germinated they’ll grow rather quickly and you’ll have to use some fertilizer and expect to see fruit within four months.

It’s important to note that full-grown plants also require fertilizing and you have to follow their growth closely to know when they need fertilizer.

Why are Organic Fertilizers Good?

Unlike synthetic fertilizers that contain GMOs, the organic ones are safe for use in your home garden, around children and pets and they’re eco-friendly.

All organic tomato fertilizers consist of ingredients that are sourced from nature and not genetically modified.

When compared to synthetic fertilizers, organic fertilizer’s downside is they work a bit slower.

If you’re looking for a certified organic product, then look for the OMRI certification or a similar organization that confirms their ingredients.

Organic fertilizers are essential in providing beneficial microbes and fungi which help the plants grow through a process known as symbiosis.

Symbiosis is a process between two organisms that benefit from each other and this is what happens between tomato plants and fungi or other microorganisms.

For instance, the Mycorrhizal fungi can spread deep in the ground and deliver phosphorus to the tomato roots in exchange for sugar and starch.

If you have an established garden, there are probably multiple symbiotic processes happening already, but when it comes to building a new garden, fertilizers will encourage these processes.

Aside from this, there are a few other reasons why you should use organic tomato fertilizers:

  • Easy to use
  • Sustainable & eco-friendly
  • No harmful synthetic ingredients

What Type of Fertilizers are There?

There are a few different types of tomato fertilizers based on distribution methods. These methods include granules, spikes, liquids or water-soluble fertilizers.

Granular Fertilizers

These fertilizers are usually sprinkled over the soil or in the base of the plant.

In order to activate them, you have to add water as soon as you apply it to the soil. Additionally, there are slow or continuous-release granules.

Slow-release granules have a long-lasting effect because the nutrients are slowly released in a couple of months and you don’t have to apply them as often.


Spikes are easy to store in idle season and you will need to use them a couple of times during one year thanks to the slow-release formula.

They’re a good option to help you avoid over-fertilization because they are pre-measured.

Water-soluble Fertilizers

As the name implies, these fertilizers are easily dissolved in water or if they’re in powder form you can sprinkle around the plant or mix with the soil and then add water.

Usually, the tomato plant will absorb these nutrients in 10-14 days.

Liquid Fertilizers

Liquid fertilizers will provide instant nutrients to your plants and you can see results fast.

These liquid fertilizers are highly concentrated and can be dangerous for baby plants so make sure you dissolve them according to the instructions.

You can apply them with a spray bottle, watering can or garden sprayer.

What if I Over-fertilize My Plants?

As we mentioned earlier, a lack of nutrients can result in stagnant growth, disease and inhibited fruit.

However, there’s something which is known as excess fertilization and it can be much worse than a lack of nutrients in the soil.

When there aren’t enough nutrients in the soil, your tomato plant can struggle and still produce some fruits, however, if you add too much fertilizer the results might be catastrophic for the plant.

Some signs tell if you’re using too much fertilizer and you’ll know when to stop:

  • Yellow leaves can be the result of too much nitrogen in the soil. If this happens, the tomato is not able to absorb enough water thus, the leaves turn yellow.
  • Delayed flowers and bushy leaves can also be a result of excess nitrogen.
  • Sediment build-up and fungi growth on the top surface of the soil can also be a sign of over-fertilization.
  • Sudden loss of leaves.

Fertilizer for Tomato Plants Review

1. Greenway Biotech Water Soluble Tomato Fertilizer

Highlighted Features

  • 100% water-soluble
  • Professional formula
  • Ideal for hydroponics and soil use
  • No harmful ingredients
  • NPK 4-18-38

Everyone loves a tasty tomato! Whether you want to cook it with some pasta or eat it raw it’s important to have full flavor.

To get this, you need the right blend of nutrients and this product by Greenway Biotech will provide you with just the right ingredients.

This is a special formula that is free of harmful ingredients and it’s 100% water-soluble.

Also, the 5-pound concentrated fertilizer can provide you with 1000 gallons of liquid tomato fertilizer packed with nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium for optimal plant growth.

Moreover, this formula has been blended to perfection to ensure your plants receive the needed amount of nutrients whether you grow them in a hydroponic garden or soil.

2. Miracle-Gro Shake ‘N Feed Tomato Plant Food

Highlighted Features

  • Contains micronutrients
  • Feeds up to 3 months
  • Suitable for in-ground & containers
  • Contains calcium
  • NPK 8-2-12

You’ll be glad to hear that this fertilizer by Miracle-Gro contains all the ingredients necessary to feed the microbes in the soil.

Actually, the microbes work on breaking down organic ingredients into beneficial nutrients that encourage root strength and expansion. This, in turn, increases water intake efficiency.

What’s more, the Shake ‘N Feed contains calcium which encourages plant quality and creates long-lasting vegetable plants.

Also, it helps prevent calcium deficiency diseases in edible crops.

The suggested dosage is reapplying every 3 months and to water regularly to ensure you have a beautiful garden all year long.

3. Jobe’s Organic Fertilizer

Highlighted Features

  • Organic granular fertilizer
  • OMRI listed
  • Contains JobeBiozome
  • Improves soil condition
  • NPK 2-5-3

Jobe’s tomato fertilizer is an organic mixture that doesn’t contain synthetic chemicals and it’s OMRI listed.

Moreover, it works on improving the soil environment for your plants thus, preventing the reduction of important nutrients, increasing nutrient uptake, and reducing the risk of disease, insects and drought.

Jobe’s biozome is an extremely aggressive proprietary microorganism archaea that break down the material to provide faster results.

Further, it helps improve soil conditions and helps fight disease and other unfavorable conditions during one growing season.

All organic fertilizers by Jobe are renewable, biodegradable, sustainable and good for the environment.

They deliver long-term results without synthetic help.

4. Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Tomato Plant Food

Highlighted Features

  • Instant feed
  • Great for tomatoes
  • Safe for all plants
  • 3 lbs. package
  • NPK 18-18-21

Miracle-Gro water-soluble fertilizer is the ideal solution for your hungry plants.

As soon as you start using this product, you’ll notice how your plants become bigger and bountiful.

What’s more, it works with all types of vegetables and for best results, it’s recommended to apply every 7-14 days in the course of one growing season.

It’s best when combined with the Miracle-Gro garden feeder. You just need to fill the jar with the fertilizer and attach it to a garden hose, turn on the water and it’s ready for use.

However, never forget to start spraying from the base of the plants and always review the instructions before applying.

5. Plant Magic Organic Fertilizer

Highlighted Features

  • Easy application
  • Dependable & safe
  • Saves time & money
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • NPK 6-5-5

Experienced gardeners swear by this magical fertilizer!

One of the secrets that make this product stand out is the 55 and more trace minerals and millions of beneficial microorganisms contained in this mix.

Organic Plant Magic has discovered a way to take and refine all the fungi and bacteria found in compost piles and incorporate them into this amazing mix.

Once you start applying this fertilizer, you’ll notice amazing growth, color and flavor in your tomatoes.

It encourages the plants to express their full potential and provides a vibrancy you’ve never seen before.

As you know, synthetic fertilizers aren’t good for plants and this is why Organic Plant Magic favors biology over synthetics and strives to improve your plants naturally.

6. Espoma Tomato-tone Organic Fertilizer

Highlighted Features

  • Organic mixture
  • Perfect for plump tomatoes
  • 15 essential nutrients
  • Eco-friendly
  • NPK 3-4-6

Providing good soil nourishment is essential for optimal and healthy tomato growth.

Espoma’s all-natural and organic plant food is enhanced with thousands of living microbes and it’s approved for organic gardening.

You’ll love the professional formula which is perfect for all types of tomatoes.

It helps provide a safe, continuous and balanced feeding which results in juicy and plump tomatoes.

This is a complete formula that contains all 15 essential nutrients for optimum tomato growth plus it’s eco-friendly and guarantees safe use for you and the environment.

7. Jobe’s Organics Tomato Fertilizer Spikes

Highlighted Features

  • Slow-release spikes
  • OMRI listed
  • Jobe’sBiozome
  • Easy to use
  • NPK 2-7-4

The 50 fertilizer spikes by Jobe will make your gardening life easier in no time.

It’s an organic product that is pre-measured to provide your plants with the necessary nourishment at their roots and the slow-release formula will reduce the application to every 6-8 weeks.

Additionally, it’s OMRI listed for organic gardening so you can be certain you’ll get a great product for great results.

As with all of Jobe’s products, this fertilizer contains the Jobe’sBiozome microorganism which provides faster results.

You’ll notice the improvement in soil conditions and your tomatoes will be able to resist any disease, insects and drought during the growing season.

Since the fertilizer comes in the form of spikes, you don’t have to worry about making a mess when applying.

8. Dr. Earth Organic Tomato Fertilizer

Highlighted Features

  • Optimum nutrients levels
  • No GMO
  • Feeds for several months
  • 100% organic
  • NPK 4-6-3

Dr. Earth’s fertilizer is designed to feed different vegetables, summer and winter produce, container plants or improve native yard soil.

It’s ideal for use during the primary seeds planting, transplanting or frequently as topsoil or fertilizer.

You’ll love this product because it’s non-GMO, safe for both people and animals plus there are no synthetic chemicals, chicken compost or other toxic ingredients to worry about.

Moreover, it’s rich in proteins, carbohydrates, multi-minerals, humic acids and trace elements that encourage healthy soils for growing healthy vegetables for you and your family.

This is a sustainable product made in the USA by inspired environmentalists who want a positive change in the world.

9. Tomato-Tone 18-Pound Fertilizer by Espoma

Highlighted Features

  • Healthy & plump tomatoes
  • 18 pounds
  • Prevents blossom-end rot
  • Organic
  • NPK 3-4-6

If you want buckets full of large juicy tomatoes don’t think twice and purchase this product.

It’s a top-notch fertilizer that helps in growing healthy and plump tomatoes.

Happy gardeners swear by this product as their favorite. Its NPK ratio of 3-4-6 and 8% calcium does wonders for your outdoor or container garden.

Further, this organic fertilizer encourages more flowers with its long-lasting, slow-release properties and the help of the exclusive Bio-tone microbes.

This product is derived from feather meal, poultry manure, bone meal, alfalfa meal, sulfate of potash, greensand and gypsum.

10. Neptune’s Harvest Tomato & Veg Fertilizer

Highlighted Features

  • Increases vigor & volume
  • Ideal for vegetables
  • Helps with drought
  • No assembly needed
  • NPK 2-4-2

This tomato and veg fertilizer will do wonders for your tomato garden.

Ideally, you can apply it every 1-2 weeks during the vegging stage of the tomato plants.

It’s good to know that it provides the necessary nutrients for vigorous and strong plants with even stronger roots.

What’s more, it encourages strong root zones and lush foliage and it also increases the plant’s tolerance to different weather conditions or diseases.

As the name implies, this fertilizer is made from fresh North Atlantic whole fish and seaweed, yucca extract, molasses and humic acids.

Its unique design will help you grow tomatoes with more flavor as well as an increased stem/stalk mass which eventually results in a higher yield.

Final Thoughts

Tomatoes are annual, heavy feeder plants which means they require more fertilizer than others.

This is why it’s essential to provide your tomato plants with external help and boost the soil you have in your garden.

If you’re struggling to choose a fertilizer to help you with this, we recommend our top pick fertilizer powder by Greenway Biotech.

This is a water-soluble substance which’ll provide you with 1000 gallons of fertilizer. You’ll get a top-notch product at a reasonable price.

For a cheaper option, take a look at Jobe’s 50 organic spikes. They’re specially formulated for optimum tomato growth.

Jobe’s biozome improves the soil conditions long-term and helps the plant fight disease and drought.

Our list features a number of quality tomato fertilizers so it’s guaranteed that either one will be a great choice.

Happy Gardening!

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