The Best Grow Bags for Container Gardening

While you can use traditional pots to grow your plants, this technique does not offer better aeration for plants. You can handle use grow bags to solve this problem.  Compact in size, the growing bags are not only breathable but offer better aeration.

The excellent aeration helps in preventing soil compaction. In return, this makes the absorption of nutrients by plants easy.

Aware of the difficulty in purchasing quality grow bags, this piece offers you the ten best grow bags in the market.

Seedling in a black nursery bag prepare to grow up and strong to be planted into the soil

Additionally, it avails you of a buyer’s guide, which helps you to pick the growing plant, which matches your needs. Before reviewing the top-rated grow bags, here is a top pick and budget pick for grow bags.

Top Pick

247Garden 5-Pack 20 Gallon Grow Bags/Aeration Fabric Pots w/Handles...

This Grow Bag is the best grow bag you can find. Although it is expensive, it has amazing features that help plants to grow swiftly and healthier. 

Budget Pick

Ming Wei Grow Bags… (5 Gallon, Army Green)

There are a lot of economic grow bags in the market, but none like Ming Wei. Apart from being affordable, it also gets the job done.

Factors to Consider While Buying a Grow Bag

In as much as this article has provided you with the ten best grow bags, you cannot purchase all of them at once. Often, you will only have to pick one which suits your needs.

In an attempt to ensure that you make the correct choice, you have to keep a number of things in mind. Below are some of the factors you have to consider before buying that fabric grow bag you want so much; 


Throughout the review, you noticed the mention of material, right? Well, this is because a grow bag’s material is the main factor of consideration when buying this product. There are various grow bags material in the market.

The best materials are those that comprise fabric and nonwoven material. Polyesters are equally good materials for growing bags. These three types of materials have, over the years, proven to not only be durable but of high quality.

Also, a good grow bag material has proper ventilation space. The ventilation space fosters good air circulation. While checking out the material, it is hence advised that you consider the type of material. But, this should be in relation to ventilation ability.

It is true that knowing the type of material used in a grow bag is challenging. However, you can always check the description to know what type of material used to make the grow bag. Additionally, you feel the quality of the material with your hands.

If these two methods do not work, consider seeking help from the customer service attendants. Failure to inquire, your risk purchasing a grow bag that will wear out soon irrespective of the amount of money you sent buying the grow bag. Therefore, always watch out for the material of the grow bag before going ahead to purchase it for great and long-lasting use.


Apart from material size is well another crucial factor you need to keep in mind while buying fabric grow bags. As seen in this gardener, there are a variety of grow bag sizes in the market presently. It is not shocking if you are only aware of the 10-pack gallon since it is the most popular size available.

However, this does not imply it is the only size of grow bags in the shops. There are grow bags of 6-packs, 5-packs, 12-packs, and even 1000 gallon packs. A small-sized grow bag accounts for relatively fewer plants. On the other hand, a large-sized grow bad accounts for relatively more plants.

Therefore, you have to know the size of the grow bag you are about to buy. The factor size goes hand in hand with the number of plants you want to grow. As a result, while considering the size of the growing bag, do this with respect to the amount of plant you have.

If the plants are more, go for a grow bag that is large in size. If the plants are less, go for a grow bag that is compact. Also, if you consider the future, it is advisable to pick the large grow bags even if you plan on starting with fewer plants.


Closely related to the material is the handle. In case you are wondering a handle is the part that helps a gardener to carry the grow bag around, most growing bags wear out starting from the handle. As a result, you want to consider buying a grow bag that has a properly reinforced handle.

Notably, go for a handle that is sown. Also, one that is sturdy enough and made of good material as it guarantees durability and less risk of wearing out. However, if you are certain that you will not move your plant around, handles should not become much of a factor to consider.

Reusing ability

There is no doubt that the present economy is not friendly. Therefore, you do not want to keep on buying things over and over again. That is why you have to consider the reusing ability before buying a grow bag. In simple terms, the reusing ability is the extent to which a bag can become washed and used again.

Since saving on cost is the ultimate objective, go for a bag that you can reuse. Here, you should also check on the washing ability because some bags, although reusable, have a difficult cleaning time. Thus chose a grow bag that is not only reusable but easy to wash.

Similar to the handle, you can find out about the reusing ability by checking the product description. Also, you can consult with the customer care agents.

Type of Plant the Grow Bag Supports

Well, different grow bags are ideal for different plants. While some are excellent for potato growing, others are suitable for vegetables. In some cases, some grow bags are convenient for all types of plants.

With this in mind, you want to consider the type of plant that a grow bag supports. The perfect grow bags are the one which works well for all type of plants. The reason is that it will work well with any plant you want to grow.

Grow Bags Review

1. The 247Garden 5-Pack 20 Gallon Grow Bags

Highlighted Features

  • Fabric and material
  • Perfect Root structure
  • Reduced transplant shock
  • Handles for easy movement 
  • Spacious for root growth

The Gallon Grow Bag ranks among the best in the industry. With a dimension of 19″ Diameter 16″ Height, you can trust that it can fit in any space within your home. There are various reasons why you want to buy this grow bag.

Firstly, this bag has the convenience of a breathable planter bag and convectional nursery pot due to its great fabric. Also, the roots of your vegetables remain cool and healthy with the use of 247 Garden 20 Gallon Grow Bag. Since the bag is spacious, this creates room for the growth of the roots of your plant.

Root circling is a major drawback when it comes to planting. Thankfully, the 247 bag eliminates this problem due to its eco-friendly material. With root structure enhancing design, and better utilization of water and nutrients, you are sure to have bigger yields and healthier plants with this bag.

The reason is that the root structure design decreases the risk of transplant shock. In conclusion, the bag has a sturdy handle, which makes it easy for the user to move the plant anytime.

2. VIVOSUN 5-Pack 5 Gallon Grow Bags

Highlighted features

  • Study fabric Material
  • Durable Handles
  • Excellent drainage
  • Portability

If you have used grow bags before, you understand that they tend to wear out in the handle section. Things are, however, different from vivosun five-pack 5 gallons grow bag. The reason is that the handles are reinforced with serging stitches. The stitches help to make the handles last a lifetime.

Moreover, the bag is made of thickened nonwoven fabric, which means two things. First, the bag is highly durable and, secondly, less retainment of water. Due to the less water retainment, the roots of the plants are able to breathe. With breathing roots, the plants turn out healthy. 

Are you concerned about conserving the environment? Well, this is the bag you need because it is environmentally friendly. Don’t get stressed about carrying this grow bag around as it is highly portable.

3. Winner Outfitters 6-Pack 10 Gallon Grow Bags

Highlighted features

  • Nonwoven fabric material
  • Root structure
  • Cooling and warming

Coming third in this review is the Winner Outfitters 6-pack 10 Gallon grow bag. Three main things make this grow bag appear in this list. Firstly, the bag is designed with high-quality nonwoven fabric material for longer use. Secondly, it has inbuilt reinforced handles that enhance their ease of movement from one location to the next.

Further, the bag is designed in a way that prevents air prune and roots circling. There is no need to worry about the growth of the plants during summer or winter once you have this product. The reason is that the bag naturally keeps the plant cool during summer and warm during winter.

4. Gardzen 10-Pack 7 Gallon Grow Bags

Highlighted Features

  • Nonwoven fabric material
  • Dual handle
  • Excellent drainage
  • Portability

Gradzen 10-Pack is among the best grow bags you want to consider for your plants. Apart from being lightweight, it has a dual thick handle, which makes it durable and easy to carry. You will love the excellent drainage that comes with this bag. Notably, the grow bag drainage is good enough to allow roots to breathe sufficiently.

As a result, this triggers the faster growth of the plants. The plants also grow healthier with this growing bag. The reason is that the bag offers excellent aeration and good air permeability. This prevents root swirling and enhances the absorption of nutrients by the plants.

What is mind-blowing is the fact that it is washable and reusable. Thus, you can use it for a long time before considering buying another grow bag for your plants.

5. Adorma 10 Packs Heavy Duty Grow Bags

Highlighted features

  • Large capacity
  • Reinforced handles
  • Premium material
  • Excellent drainage

Measuring 14 by 12 inches, this bag allows the growth of plants in a wide range. Complementing its large capacity is the premium material used in designing this bag. Notably, the bag is made of high-quality thicken nonwoven fabric, which measures 300G. You can hence, bank its durability once you purchase it from a reputable store. 

Among the crucial things in a grow bag are the handles. If they are not well fitted, they limit your ability to carry them around, which is inconvenient. Fortunately, the handles of this grow bag are reinforced with X shape sewed handle. The handle is sturdy and can carry more weight without wearing it out.

The nonwoven fabric material does not only offer high durability.  It also influences the plants breathing ability. Mainly, the material allows proper air circulation. With this, the drainage is quicker and a suitable growing environment for plants. Capable of being washed and reused, become rest assured of using this grow bag for years.

6. PHYEX 12-Pack 10 Gallon Nonwoven Grow Bags

Highlighted features

  • Excellent drainage
  • Sturdy handles
  • Premium fabric material
  • High durability
  • Large Capacity

What comes to your mind once you see or feel that material is lightweight? Of course, you will immediately think that it cannot carry commodities of more weight. Shockingly, the same does not apply with PHYEX 12-Pack 10 Gallon grow bags.

Users of this bag have said that the bags are pretty much thin. However, this is properly complemented by the strength of its premium fabric and handles. The bags are made from high-quality fabric material. The handles on the other hand, are firm, which aids in moving the pot around when the need arises.

No need for creating holes to enhance air circulation and good drainage. The bags already support excellent drainage and aeration, which help the plant to grow fast and healthier. Okay, you will have to pay slightly more for this bag as compared to the rest.

However, pricing should not matter. The reason is that this bag is highly durable due to its great fabric. Also, it is reusable, which means that it will give you the service you need for years. Necessary to state is that the bag, as evident in the name, has a large capacity, but the material is perfect for holding the plants it can accommodate. 

7. Viparspectra Grow Bags for Garden Indoor Plants

Highlighted features

  • Nonwoven fabric material
  • Sturdy handles
  • Great plant growth design
  • Value for space

There are four main things that make VIPARSPECTRA a good grow bag. The first one deals with its material. Unlike some of the bags in the market, VIPARSPECTRA is manufactured with excellent craftsmanship. Its material is also strong and heavy-duty. Hence, it can last for a long.

Moving on to the second aspect, which is handles, they are what you have been looking for in stores. Not only are they sturdy. They are equally durable and user-friendly, which allows you to move around with the bag easily.

The third feature is design. The bag is designed with a well-ventilated and breathable material. As a result, this helps in providing excellent aeration for the plants and good drainage, which aids the root structure of the plants. Additionally, this helps in the faster growth of the plants and moderates the soil temperature during winter and summer.

Lastly, this grow bag is not only washable but easy to wash and reuse later. When not in use, the bag saves a lot of space. Championing this is its material, which is easily foldable to a relatively compact size.

8. JERIA 12-Pack 3 Gallon Vegetable/Flower/Plant Grow Bags

Highlighted features

  • Large capacity
  • High premium material
  • Portability and Storage
  • Excellent plant growth design

If you thought the HYPREX and Adorma were the only grow bag with large capacity, then, you were wrong. Here is an even better grow bag with a large capacity as it allows the planting of diverse plants. Yes, this means that you can begin your small garden using these bags.

For bags that have a large capacity, the material used is usually a top consideration. Luckily for the JERIA grow bag, it is manufactured using a nonwoven fabric material. The handles are also made of the same material but more sturdy. Hence, this makes the bag highly durable and easy to move around within your home.

If you were mind-blown by the fabric, get ready for another awesome experience due to the bag’s design. Not only does the design help in water drainage, which eradicates overwatering. It also aids in keeping the plants cooler in summer and warmer during winter.

Essentially, the fabric design of the bag fosters great root structure as it reduces the risk of transplant shock. Additionally, it allows the roots to breathe and grows healthy, which boosts the plant’s growth and yields.

9. Garden4Ever Grow Bags 5-Pack 30 Gallon

Highlighted features

  • Lightweight design
  • Perfect root structure and air circulation design
  • Excellent drainage
  • Sturdy handles

Are you a lover of vegetable and fruit growing and are looking for an ideal grow bag? Well, the 5Garden4Ever Grow Bags 5-Pack 30 Gallon is all you need. The reason is that this bag is perfect for fruit and vegetable growing.

Additionally, it has awesome air circulation as it easily prevents the building up of circling roots and air prune root structure. The water drainage is equally perfect since it effortlessly allows excess water to drain.

With regard to material, the material design for this bag is growth-friendly, hence easy to wash and use. Its handle straps are also sturdy, thus very convenient.  

10. Ming Wei Grow Bags

Highlighted features

  • Affordability
  • Nonwoven fabric material
  • Root structure
  • Cooling and warming

Admit it! The cost of living is high. Hence, you want to save on any opportunity you get. This is why you need the Ming Wei Grow Bag. Apart from being affordable, users have praised the product for its outstanding services.

Thanks to the nonwoven fabric material of this bag, you can use it for the longest time. Like most bags reviewed, this bag keeps plants cooler during summer and warmer in winter. Essentially, Ming Wei decreases the risk of transplant shock. As a result, the root structure of plants improves. It is also environmentally friendly.

Final Verdict

The listed ten grow bags are the best in the industry today. However, you have to have in mind the factors to consider before buying one of the bags. Also, the factors should go hand in hand with what you need and not what worked for your friend or neighbor.

Essential to point out is that the service of the grow bag you get is dependent on the shop where you purchase. For instance, a shop that is reputable is likely to offer a product that will match the review above. Therefore, you need to evaluate a shop before purchasing your growing bag properly.

Nonetheless, if you are spoilt for choice, consider picking the 247Garden 5-Pack 20-Gallon Grow Bags/Aeration Fabric Pots with Handles. However, this will cost but the services it will give you are the best. If you are working on a budget and don’t know which grow bag to pick, go for the Ming Wei Grow bag

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