Promote Healthy Orchid Growth with The Best Orchid Pots

Orchids can be found growing in the wild in places that are warm, wooded, and humid much like a tropical rainforest.

Thanks to their ability to absorb water without intense transpiration, they grow easily in these natural and damp places.

However, they can be a bit tricky to grow since they require special conditions such as proper airflow, good drainage, and enough room for the roots to spread.

The orchids we buy from our local garden centers and nurseries haven’t exactly seen this “tropical” way of living however, confining their roots in a container is not a natural state for them and we should try to replicate their natural habitat as much as possible.

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That’s why we need to choose the right pot and allow the orchids to grow to the maximum of their potential.

As usual, to make it easy on you we’ve pinpointed the 10 best orchid pots, so make sure you check out our review before making a purchase.

Top Pick

Mkono 6.3 Inch Orchid Pots with Holes, Set of 2 Plastic Slotted...

Our top pick product is definitely Mkono’s 7-Inch plastic orchid pot which is designed to cater to the needs of your plant. They promote increased nutrient uptake and provide great root control.

The pots have 2 inners and 2 outer planters and are made with high-quality material that can last for many seasons.

Moreover, the manufacturer is dedicated to creating handmade products to provide a cozy atmosphere to your or garden.

Budget Pick

6' Inch Round Clear Plastic Orchid Pot - 5 Pack

For a more affordable option, you can opt for ClearPots clear round plastic pot that’s made of sturdy material and offers great drainage, airflow and optimum humidity,

Clear plastic is great for the roots since it provides good light and air plus you can see the root’s condition at any time and react if there’s something that needs to be done.

This is especially helpful when roots start to circulate and lose air.

How to Use an Orchid Pot?

There’s no special procedure when it comes to using orchid pots. You can use them as any other planter. You just need to add a potting mix, add the root ball of the orchid and fill up with a more potting mix.

As you’ve seen in our review section, some orchid pots come with an inner and outer liner where the outer liner secures the soil from spilling out – especially if the holes are too big.

Of course, once the orchid outgrows its current pot, you can remove it gently and plant it into a new one with an appropriate size.

Which Features to Look For?

Using a specially designed pot for orchids can bring a lot of benefits and ensure your orchid grows into a healthy plant.

Orchid pots have specially designed holes that cater to the flower’s needs and they can even revive a dying plant.

In order to get the best type of orchid pot, you need to check for a few different features:


As we mentioned many times throughout the article, ventilation and proper airflow are essential for a healthy and well-developed root system in orchids. If this is not the case, there’s a risk for the orchid to suffocate.

Proper aeration and ventilation allow nutrient and moisture absorbance and it helps the potting mix to dry out fast and create a good growing environment for the orchids.

There are different types of aeration holes such as holes or slits and they can differ in size. Our suggestion is to use one with smaller size holes to avoid the potting mix to fall out.


If you have even 1 orchid in your garden, you know that they don’t like too much moisture and can wither if the soil is too soggy.

That’s why the potting container needs to have a good design with drainage holes on the bottom. These drainage holes will promote good drainage and allow proper water flow.


There’s no other plant that loves the sun more than the orchid and its roots. This is why orchids should always be potted in a transparent pot to help your orchid to thrive and to monitor its development and root condition at any time.

Through monitoring, you can ensure to act fast if there are any issues and repot the orchid as soon as possible – if necessary.


The size of the orchid pot depends on the size of the orchid. It needs to fit in properly because a too small or big pot can be dangerous for root development.

If the pot is too small the roots can’t develop and if it’s too big they can struggle to find enough light and food.

When repotting, make sure you use only one size bigger pot.


Obviously, you should never compromise on the quality of the pot. This can ensure it lasts longer and you can use it for many seasons.

The plastic or other material should be durable and environmentally friendly.

What Material is Best?

It’s also important to consider the material of the pot which can vary from plastic, glass, terra cotta and wood.

Plastic transparent pots are probably the best option to use since they’re more affordable, lightweight and can last longer than other variants.

You can also opt for a glass pot which also allows easy visual monitoring of the orchid’s roots however, they can be more expensive, heavy and don’t provide good ventilation.

Net pots are made of plastic mash and are quite cheap, but they might not fit your garden décor since they’re rather simple.

Make sure you choose a good combination of price, functionality, and durability to ensure proper plant growth.

Orchid Pots Review

1. Mkono 7-Inch Plastic Orchid Pots

Highlighted Features

  • Increased nutrient uptake
  • Root control
  • 2 inner & 2 outer pots
  • High-quality material
  • Ideal for orchids

Mkono is a well-known manufacturer that’s committed to creating handmade products that can bring a cozy and modern atmosphere to your home.

These Mkono sets of 2 inner and outer pots are made especially for orchids such as dendrobium, orchid and cattleya and also work well with other plants.

Considering the special needs of the orchid’s roots, this pot offers just enough room and airflow to dry out and expand properly. You can be certain that the roots aren’t at risk of circling and becoming confined.

Both the inner and outer pots have drainage holes on the bottom and the vented sides of the inner pot allow aerated growth.

The product is made with quality plastic and it comes in a matte white color that works great in any home décor.

2. RePotme Crystal Clear Orchid Pot

Highlighted Features

  • 8 slotted pots
  • Different sizes
  • UV protection
  • Excellent drainage
  • Good airflow

RePotme’s orchid pots work great with any type of potting mix and thanks to their great design they also provide the ideal airflow and drainage.

Moreover, they work great with different types of orchids and with this purchase, you’ll receive 8 slotted pots with 3 different sizes – 2 of each.

Their special design and 46 slots on the bottom and sides of the pot promote the ideal airflow and drainage to help prevent excess moisture around the roots. As you know, excess moisture can cause root rot and plant death and we want to avoid this at any cost.

Additionally, they’re made with durable plastic and have built-in UV protection to increase durability during scorching hot days.

Finally, for the best results, you can combine these amazing pots with rePotme’s fresh potting mix. This combo can make your orchids bloom in no time.

3. Orchid Plastic Pots by ELIT ORCHID

Highlighted Features

  • Great aeration & drainage
  • Transparent plastic
  • Durable materials
  • 5.5-inch size
  • 4-pack

This is a great set of 4 orchid pots by ELIT ORCHID that can look great in any indoor or outdoor décor and since it’s made of transparent plastic it offers complete visual control over the development of the roots.

By having visual control, you can be on top of the plant’s overall condition and if there are any changes you can act appropriately.

Furthermore, the holes promote a breathable environment for the orchid’s roots as well as proper drainage to help avoid excess wetness.

Their sturdy construction and top-quality plastic ensure long-term durability, so you can be certain to use them for years to come.

You can choose between 3 different sizes and our recommendation is the 5.5-inch pot to suit all medium-size orchids.

4. DAN Market Orchid Pots with Holes

Highlighted Features

  • Great quality
  • Slotted durable shape
  • Proper drainages
  • Good aeration
  • Great gift idea

DAN Market’s exclusive orchid pots are some of the best you can find on the market. They provide and promote great drainage, are made of durable and top-quality materials.

The manufacturer advertises them as flexible and sturdy and thanks to the transparent plastic you can always see the moisture level of the soil thus ensure you never overwater the plants.

Eventually, the orchids will overgrow the pot and you can always switch to a larger option. It’s good to know that this product is suitable for different types of orchids such as cymbidium, phalenopsis, vanda, cypripeium, dendrobium, Dactylorhiza maculate and others.

They’re really easy to use, have a slotted shape and the manufacturer guarantees complete satisfaction with the purchase.

5. Round Orchid Pot by Clear Pots

Highlighted Features

  • Sturdy design
  • Made in Germany
  • Great drainage & aeration
  • Clear plastic
  • Perfect for orchids

These round pots by Clear Pots can provide great drainage and aeration for your lovely orchids plus, they have built-in holes on the bottom that ensure proper root development.

Moreover, the pots are made of transparent plastic that allows you to see the development and condition of the root at any time.

The sizing works great with medium or large-sized orchids and the material is more durable than other clay pots.

As with all other plants, if you notice the pot is becoming too tight for the orchid to develop repot it in a different container.

Besides their top-quality features such as sturdiness and durability, these pots are not expensive at all. For the price, you get a pack of 5 pots to help you grow your lovely orchids.

6. Link Solar’s Black Orchid Pots

Highlighted Features

  • Excellent drainage
  • Proper aeration
  • Durable plastic
  • ROHS approved
  • Inner & outer pot

Link Solar’s round black baskets work great with soil mixes. They are 7-inches high and have a diameter of 8-inches. Thanks to the holes, the orchid’s roots can have proper aeration and drainage for optimum growth.

They’re made of durable plastic that’s resistant to heat and won’t corrode. Moreover, they’re ROHS approved and can be used with food.

The package includes 1 inner pot and 1 outer pot with holes to provide good drainage. The outer pot has holes on the bottom and the inner has more holes all around that guarantee good circulation.

According to satisfied customers, this pot has an excellent design and a very nice size that works great with repotting orchids.

7. TRENDSPOT 5-Inch Indoor Orchid Pot

Highlighted Features

  • Attached saucer
  • Top-quality
  • Handmade design
  • Good for orchids
  • 5-inch diameter

As you already know, orchids are beautiful plants that require special care with proper airflow and light. One of the most important things is to have a well-built pot designed especially for orchids.

Moreover, it’s essential to use the right potting medium to provide you with the needed nutrients. Make sure you position the pot in a warm and light place, but not too hot.

This TRENDSPOT orchid pot features smartly positioned holes that promote good airflow and healthy roots.

The pot is handmade with a stylish blue color that can fit in different interiors and the attached saucer can help protect any surface you decide to place the pot on.

The manufacturer is a well-known company that’s been on the market for years and constantly strives to improve its products in both design and functionality.

8. 4-pack of Orchid Sets by Darware

Highlighted Features

  • 4-pack
  • Ideal for orchids
  • Trays included
  • Stylish white design
  • 63-quart capacity

Darware offers this amazing 4-pack set of orchid pots that come with exterior and interior pots as well as included saucers.

This product offers great benefits and promotes healthy plant growth. The slotted design allows good root growth with natural pruning as well as proper ventilation.

You can be certain never to overwater the orchids since the drainage holes on the exterior pot ensure proper drainage.

Moreover, this product is ideal for newbies who don’t have too much experience in growing orchids, so you can also use them as a birthday gift for your friends and family.

The capacity of the pot is 63 quarts, it’s 5 inches tall with white, transparent color to help you monitor the root development at any time.

9. Link Solar Mesh Net Orchid Planters

Highlighted Features

  • Excellent drainage
  • Proper airflow
  • Durable design
  • ROHS approved
  • Brown color

Link Solar’s planting pots for orchids can make your gardening life much easier and enjoyable. They can help you grow healthy and well-developed roots since they promote lateral root development.

Plus, your plants can grow much quicker i.e. even 2 times faster. This pot is ideal for repotted plants since they lower the risk of transplant shock.

The material used for the pot is a durable PP plastic that can last for years to provide more safety and thanks to the ROHS approval the pots can be used with and around food products.

According to happy customers, the pot has a nice design and execution and the mesh sides provide excellent drainage plus, you can remove the liner during the watering time.

10. Coisound Plastic Orchid Pot

Highlighted Features

  • Functional design
  • Drainage holes
  • Proper aeration
  • Multiple-use
  • Transparent color

Your lovely orchids will thrive in these Coisound 1688 orchid plastic pots. Their mesh pot design also features an absorbing rope that ensures proper drainages and the side holes allow a healthy root development without circulation risk.

This package features 10 pots with 5 different sizes so you’ll have more than enough space to plant more of your lovely orchids.

Moreover, they can be used with different types of orchids such as African violets as well as others. Also, the sturdy and durable plastic can guarantee long-term use and when combined with the right potting mix – your orchids will thrive.

This package also has small little butterfly clips that are great for cute decoration, so you can enjoy your beautiful flowers daily.

Final Thoughts

As we mentioned a few times throughout our article, one of the most complicated plants to care for are the tropical ones such as the orchid.

They require a special potting mix, special container and more love – in return, you can be certain to have the prettiest looking flower to decorate your household or garden.

In the wilderness, orchids are found in humid and wooded places like the rainforests. However, to grow them in your home you need to make sure you can replicate these conditions and you can do this by choosing the right potting container.

The right pot will provide good drainage, aeration and should be made of transparent material for root control.

To make this task easy on you, we prepared a list of the 10 best orchid pots from Amazon.

Our top pick is Mkono’s 7-Inch plastic orchid pot designed to promote increased nutrient uptake and great root control.

The pots have 2 inner and 2 outer planters made of high-quality plastic that can last for many seasons.

The manufacturer is dedicated to creating handmade products to provide a cozy atmosphere to your or garden.

For a more affordable option, you can opt for ClearPots clear round plastic pot that’s made of sturdy material and offers great drainage, airflow, and optimum humidity.

The clear plastic is great for the roots since you can see the root’s condition at any time and react if something’s not right.

This is especially helpful when roots start to circulate and lose oxygen.

By now, you must have an idea of the type of pot that works best for orchids. We’ve presented a few great options for you to choose from and we’re certain you’ll get the best one.

Happy potting!

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