How to Open the Gas Can of a Lawn Mower?

As most lawnmowers have a combustion engine, a lot of users are confused about how to open the gas can of a lawnmower.

Mowing the lawn is a chore that needs to be done on a regular basis if we want a clean and beautiful lawn. But, if the fuel is old or if the tank is empty, you can’t proceed.

With this in mind, being able to fuel up your lawnmower’s tank or do an inspection will help you keep your machine in top form.

The best solution for the lawnmower’s gas can is to check the manual and the instructions there. In this way, you can be certain of the fuel that the engine needs and how to properly open the gas can for it and the gas section of the lawnmower.

Gardener with a can of gasoline in his hands unscrews the fuel cap of a lawn mower

Why Do I Need to Keep the Fuel Fresh?

To keep your lawnmower in top shape, you need to maintain it properly and use only quality fuel only. When the time for refilling comes, you need to be prepared to do it with the proper can of gas by your side.

Use only an adequate fuel that’s recommended by the manufacturer and if possible, add a fuel stabilizer to it to prolong its freshness.

This liquid is easy to find online or in specialized shops and it’s affordable!

Why Is Removing Old Fuel Important?

Removal of old fuel is pivotal-this is recommended when the lawnmower is going to be stored for a longer period of time, for example, throughout winter.

This is a crucial step because old gasoline isn’t good for your lawnmower-after several months, its deposits will go onto the bottom and the fuel’s overall quality will diminish.

With this in mind, never leave the gasoline in the lawnmower for long periods when you’re not using the machine.

How to Open the Gas Can of a Lawnmower?

Generally speaking (although it ultimately depends on the brand of the lawnmower you have), here’s how to open the lawnmower’s gas can:

  • Find the gas tank

A gas tank on a lawnmower reminds of a plastic jug that is located on the front, side or top of the engine. But, on other models, the gas tank may be covered up, as it is the remaining part of the engine.

If this is the case on your lawn mower, you need to skip this part and check out the following step.

  • Look for the gasoline receptacle

Usually, this part is covered with a black cap and may feature a symbol for gasoline. This symbol may differ among brands, but it’s usually “gas” or a little gas pump photo.

  • Take out the gas cap

If the cap is threaded, you can take it out by twisting it right off the top. For other models, you may need a key or the cap may be attached by a keyed locking mechanism.

For such models, try turning it until the opening point matches up and then lift up the cap.

  • Put a funnel in the receptacle

This won’t be necessary if the gas can have a nozzle for pouring built into it like that by Briggs & Stratton.

If it doesn’t have this addition, using a nozzle helps you put all of the gas from the can into the tank, avoiding spillage.

  • Pouring the gas from the can into the lawnmower’s can

Do this slowly, especially if you’re using a funnel. The funnel’s neck will only allow so much gas at one time. But, don’t pour it too slowly-this will end up spilling it over the sides of the funnel.

You can pour as fast as you prefer if there’s a pouring nozzle. As you fill it up, you can see the level in the tank. Stop before it becomes too full.

When it’s done, take out the funnel. Screw on the cap tightly and the lawnmower gas is ready!

How to Drain Old Fuel from a Lawnmower?

When you need to remove old gas from the tank, you need to wait for the engine to cool down. You place a jerry can on the ground, right next to the cap. Keep the hose lower than the fuel level in the tank so that the gas can flow uninterrupted.

Next, press the hose deep into the tank so that it gets to the bottom and it’s submerged in the gas. Blow into the hose to check-if you hear bubbles, you’ve placed it properly.

Then, put the other part of the hose into the jerry can and place the short hose close to the opening, but don’t press it too much because it needn’t be submerged.

Using an old rag, close the opening well, ensuring no air gets out. Afterward, blow air into the short hose or use an air compressor. The air pressure in the gas tank will elevate and force the air into the longer hose.

You keep blowing until you see the gas flowing into the jerry can. When the gas is flowing, stop blowing because gravity will do the work for you.

To stop the flow, lift up the hose or the jerry can. Remove all the hoses and close the gas opening. Don’t forget to cover the jerry can too because gasoline releases vapors! And, since there’s always some fuel in the engine, run it until it’s out of gas.

How Should I Clean a Dirty Gas Cap on My Lawnmower?

After you’ve learned how to open the gas can of your lawnmower, some cleaning may be in order.

Since your lawnmower works in outdoor environments that can be rough, various parts like its gas tank cap will get dirty.

Luckily, you can clean it in a couple of steps. Take a dry cloth and rub off the debris. Clean the cap with the same cloth after you’ve dipped it in some petrol.

Remember to open the small hole in the gas cap to allow air in the tank when the gas is used.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to open the gas can of a lawnmower is pivotal because it helps you keep the fuel clean and prevent its further deterioration. The gas tank will also benefit from regular cleaning.

Although it may seem like a difficult task if you’ve never done it before, once you see it’s actually a simple procedure, you will do it with enjoyment, knowing your lawnmower is functioning optimally!

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