Long-Lasting Plant Protection – Best Garden Netting

Maintaining your garden is a rewarding task but it takes a lot of time, effort, and love to be done properly.

There are some tips, tricks, and products that can help make your gardening chores easier – one of these is garden netting which keeps away different animals and birds away from your precious plants, trees, and bushes.

Moreover, all those annoying insects will be kept aside from your plants and at the same time thanks to the netting the plants will receive the needed water and air.

There are different types of nets available – some can be draped around trees or hung above them, and the specialized material can help endure any dust, rain, or sunlight without being damaged.

Organic sustainable growing rapeseed experiment in controlled conditions, rapeseed canola cultivated in protective net housing against insects

In our review section, you can check out some of the most important features you need to consider before purchasing your garden netting – you have to pay attention to the size, shape of openings and the material.

Below, you can read about all the different types offered on Amazon and pick the best garden netting for your needs.

Top Pick

AlpineReach Garden Netting 7.5 x 65 ft Heavy Duty Bird Net, Deer,...

Our top pick product by AlpineReach provides secure protection for your plants, and is resistant to UV rays, but still lightweight and strong to help repel all those annoying pests.

The mesh is tightly woven and can keep out any birds, deer, as well as smaller curious animals that might damage your garden, or produce – it’s easy to install and can be used for various gardening activities.

Budget Pick

KINGLAKE 33 Ft x 13 Ft Green Garden Bird Netting,Green Garden Plant...

Nevertheless, if you need a cheaper variant, the KINGLAKE green garden mesh is the right choice for you.

It offers a durable construction that is lightweight at the same time – this makes it easy to install and it offers great protection for your veggies.

Additionally, it’s ideal as a cover netting for your home garden fishpond.

What’s Garden Netting?

A garden netting is a specialized item that is mostly used by farmers, nursery owners, and home gardeners to protect their produce and plants especially when they’re attacked by small animals, birds, and pests.

Depending on your need, you can find different sizes of garden netting as well as different sizes of the mesh opening – besides plant covers, you can use them as shades and cut them up or fold for easy storing or moving around.

As soon as you install this product, you’ll notice an improvement in the state of your garden because while protecting, the netting allows for air, water, and enough sunlight to come in and ensure proper nourishment and growth.

The design of the garden netting is simple, and it can be assembled fast and easily. Additionally, for all those gardeners who want to have both a good looking and healthy garden, the netting is a perfect choice. Plus, the material is sturdy, durable, and environment friendly, so you won’t be compromising your edible produce in any way or harm any curious animals.

What Are The Different Types Of Garden Netting?

Garden netting can be separated into 2 different types i.e. knitted garden fencing and extruded garden fencing. Below, you can read some of their main characteristics.

Knitted Garden Netting

This type of netting is usually made of UV-resistant material which is soft and stabilized polyethylene. The holes can be in the shape of a diamond, square, or hexagonal and the coloring can also be different depending on your garden design, and thanks to the quality materials you can be certain it won’t fade even after long exposure to different outside conditionс.

Moreover, the knitted netting is soft and won’t cause any harm to your plants and produce, unlike the metal one. Because it’s knitted it’s also lightweight and no extra tools are needed for the installation.

Finally, since there are no knots on this type of netting, you can use your gardening scissors to cut it up without destroying the actual structure.

This is an economical and eco-friendly option that can be used in any garden as it has various applications.

Extruded Garden Netting

This type of netting is made with polypropylene or polyethylene which has high density. The holes can also be a diamond, square but also rectangular.

One of the great things about extruded netting is that it can’t be hardly seen from a distance because it blends perfectly with the garden environment and it won’t affect the beauty and feel of your garden.

Additionally, this is a durable and strong structure that can easily be stretched alongside the entire area you want to cover plus, it’s UV-resistant, lightweight, and easy to set up.

Lastly, besides protection from unwanted animals, this type of netting can be used as support for growing plants.

What’s The Perfect Size?

One of the great features of garden netting is the fact they come in different sizes and you can choose whatever you need for your garden.

Some of the commonly found sizes on the market are ¾ -inches, ½-inches, and ¼-inches, and you can select the appropriate size based on what you need the protection for. For instance, if you need protection from big birds you can use the ¾-inches while mid-size birds can be restricted with the ½-inches option.

However, if you need the protection for small birds, pests, and insects you can opt for the ¼-inches as the best for this purpose – it’s essential to understand the proper requirement before moving on to a purchase.

How to Install the Netting?

Depending on the type of netting you decide to purchase, you can encounter different types of installation methods. Often, the installation type depends on what you need to protect – whether it’s a tree, bush, or something else.

The netting can be hung on hooks, secured on the ground, or even suspended on multiple poles around the landscape.

If installed properly, most garden nettings can be taken out, folded, and stored away for next season.

What about Air & Sunshine for My Plants?

Don’t worry – the netting’s got you covered! As we mentioned in the beginning proper garden care requires the use of different types of equipment that must be eco and garden-friendly. Garden netting is designed in such a manner that it’s lightweight, provides proper airflow, and isn’t harmful to any animals.

What’s more, thanks to the netting your plants will receive the needed airflow and sunshine to develop into healthy produce. Through using netting, you’ll be able to protect and improve your plant growth throughout the year.

How About Pricing?

Pricing is another feature that needs to be considered when buying any type of product. It usually depends on the type of material, size, color, durability, and manufacturer.

You can find some cheaper options available on Amazon that have the basic features but might not be as durable and resistant as the more expensive ones.

Therefore, you have to do good research through our extensive list and pick the right choice for you based on what your gardening needs are.

Best Garden Net Reviews

1. AlpineReach Black Woven Protective Mesh

Highlighted Features

  • Reliable protection
  • Heavy-duty mesh
  • Easy installation
  • Great quality
  • Multipurpose

If you’re on the lookout for reliable protection netting for your precious plants, then this amazing design by AlpineReach is just the right choice.

The netting is made with a durable material that is resistant to UV and won’t be damaged even after long hours in the sun – plus, it’s great when it comes to repelling insects and pests.

Thanks to its durability, you can be certain to keep away different birds, squirrels, deer, and rabbits from your garden.

Although it’s heavy-duty, it can easily be cut up and modified to the proper sizing that you require to fit around your garden plants and protect them from any unwanted visitors.

2. Feitore Deer Fence Protective Netting

Highlighted Features

  • Installation nails & cable ties
  • Durable & reusable
  • Economical & safe to use
  • Easy to set up
  • Maximum protection

This Feitore protective deer fence netting is a great value for money because it also includes cable ties and installation nails for free.

Moreover, it’s made of a durable and long-lasting PP material and although it’s lightweight it’s still a heavy-duty product that won’t tear easily, doesn’t rust, won’t entangle and it can provide longer protection.

Also, it’s universal and can be used for protection from birds, as a chicken netting, pool netting, rabbit fence, and many more – it’s easy to install and can be cut into the size you need.

As soon as you install it, you won’t have to worry anymore that your plants, trees, berries, and shrubs will be destroyed by birds or small animals.

3. Ohuhu Heavy-Duty Bird Netting

Highlighted Features

  • Great protection
  • Tough construction
  • Doesn’t tangle
  • Bonus cable ties included
  • Multi-functional design

No need to worry about your produce anymore, with this heavy-duty netting by Ohuhu it’ll be protected 24/7 – you can keep your beans, pears, apples, oranges, tomatoes, and peppers safe throughout the season.

Moreover, thanks to the strong construction the netting won’t be damaged by snow, rain, and sun for a long time. No animals will be able to rip it apart which guarantees long-term protection.

This isn’t nylon netting, so you can be certain that it won’t entangle with any leaves or branches and you can cut it up to the size that works for you.

One of the great things about this product is its multi-functional design which allows you to use it as a cover for your vegetables but also as a fence for your garden, or shade protector.

4. Abba Patio Economy Fencing Mesh

Highlighted Features

  • Multi-functional
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Flexible & reusable
  • Easy to cut
  • Different sizes

Abba Patio offers this multi-functional economy netting which can be used at construction sites, winter snow fencing but also for your home garden as protection for the fruits, veggies, and plants from any animals.

Also, you’ll love the sturdy construction made of polyethylene because it’s resistant to corrosion, chemicals, and moisture which guarantees long-term use. Since it’s UV resistant you can rest assured that it’ll keep looking good after years of use.

Further, this is a flexible and reusable product that can be a great substitute for wood or metal fencing – it offers the same protection as it would, but it doesn’t rust and will last for years.

This offer has multiple size options to choose from as well as different opening sizes. Even the smaller mesh openings allow for air to flow through freely.

5. Anphisn Garden Netting Mesh

Highlighted Features

  • 2 packs of netting
  • High-quality
  • Durable material
  • Insect repellent
  • Easy to cut

The Anphsin Garden Mesh comes in a pack of 2 same-sized nettings which are made from high-quality material to help protect the garden plants from any birds, insects, and bugs that might destroy them.

Moreover, the mesh size also works perfectly in protecting from destructive animals, but it also stops water from getting in through the netting.

Also, the netting is easy for cutting, so if you need different sizes to use for your garden you can just use your gardening scissors and you’re ready to go.

Last, but not least, make sure you check in detail the specification of the product and pay special attention to the size – this way you won’t experience any unpleasant shopping experiences.

6. HSelar Bird Netting Protection

Highlighted Features

  • Cable packs included
  • High-quality
  • Easy to install
  • Animal safe
  • Great protection

When choosing a protective netting for your garden it’s important to pay attention to several features – one of these is the safety level that the product offers for the environment and especially for the animals.

This amazing product only physically keeps the animals away and it won’t harm them in any way. At the same time, you’ll get amazing protection for your precious plants, shrubs, berries, trees, strawberries, veggies, and other produce.

Moreover, the netting is easy to install, cut, and reuse for any purpose you need- when not in use simply fold the netting and store it away until next season.

Thanks to the recyclable material the mesh can last for years and provide great protection year-round.

7. Alpurple Barrier Netting Mesh for Garden

Highlighted Features

  • 20×10 ft. size
  • Easy to cut
  • Sturdy material
  • Wide application
  • Easy to set up

This packaging comes with 1 piece of mesh netting that’s easy to use and can help protect your garden from pests, insects, birds as well as other small animals.

If you need a different size from the original, you can easily cut the netting with gardening scissors and fit it to whatever you need.

The material is quite durable and can last for years without being damaged by outside factors such as wind, snow, rain, and the sun.

Also, this product has a wide application and works great for both outdoor and indoor activities, protecting your veggies and fruits, flowers, bushes, and trees from all those annoying insects and birds.

8. KINGLAKE Green Garden Netting

Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight & strong
  • Multiple-use
  • Easy to set up
  • Practical & secure
  • Durable material

This KINGLAKE garden netting is an affordable option great to be used for various gardening tasks such as protecting your veggies and fruits or maybe even covering your lovely fishpond.

It works great when it comes to protecting your produce and it’s ideal for outdoor use. Additionally, this netting is durable, secure, and easy to install, and thanks to being lightweight it won’t cause any harm to your crops.

This is reusable netting and it can be cut up to the sizing you require – if you connect the netting to ground pegs and fasten it to the ground and thanks to the green color it fits nicely with the greenery.

9. YBB Insect Barrier Netting

Highlighted Features

  • Great protection
  • Sun-proof
  • High-quality
  • Easy to set up
  • Great sizing

This amazing netting by YBB can help protect your plants, veggies, and flowers from different animals, birds as well as insects, and pests.

Since it’s sun-proof, you can be certain that the netting won’t be damaged by UV rays, and during winter it can easily resist the wind and cold temperatures.

Moreover, the netting is made with high-quality cloth that can endure more than 1 season and be reused the next one – the usual life span of this netting is between 3 to 5 years.

Since it’s easy to cut, you can make it into any size that fits your needs and use it to cover and protect your plants – while allowing them to breathe and receive the needed sunshine.

10. Philonext Anti-Bird Netting

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to install
  • Durable material
  • Multifunctional
  • 45 Days Guarantee
  • Great protection

This Philonext netting has hexagonal openings and can offer great protection for your shrubs, trees, plants, fruits, and veggies.

Further, thanks to the sturdy and durable material, you can be certain to use this netting for longer without it being damaged -it can resist corrosion, has a good stretch level, and doesn’t age.

Although it’s lightweight, you’ll be surprised by the durability and resistance it offers. It can be installed easily and cut up if needed.

Finally, this netting has multiple purposes and can be used for protecting your garden from small animals and birds.

Final Thoughts

We’re certain you have gathered enough information from our article and are ready to make a purchase you won’t regret.

To help, we presented multiple options available on Amazon, some more expensive and others more affordable all to ensure you have enough variants to choose from.

If you’re hesitant, you can go for our top pick product – the Alpine Reach netting. This amazing item offers great quality and protection for your precious plants.

It’s easy to set up and all those annoying insects and pests will be repelled with the help of this netting – you’ll be able to upkeep a healthy garden throughout the year.

On the other hand, the KINGLAKE garden mesh is a much cheaper variant that also offers great features and can help keep your garden safe from curious animals, birds, and insects.

Our article reviews some of the best garden netting available on Amazon to provide you with multiple options to choose from.

We got you covered – Happy Gardening!

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